What our customers say about us
I love this program! Thank you so much for it!
I like the app. It is easy to use and well thought out.
I feel you know me and that my life and that my stuff needs organizing!
My New Year’s resolution is to integrate your apps into my life slowly throughout the year.
I am using your app every day to keep up with my inventory and wants.
The App is really good as we have always used a storage plan in the past, but on paper which is cumbersome to update
Great app - keep up the good work.
I used to have data all over the place on different spreadsheets and applications.  Now I can have them all in one place.
Just wanted to say that your app is great, so helpful......have catalogued all my spares and charts etc.
I have just started using your What’s in my Garden App and am finding it very useful.
Really pleased I bought this app, it's excellent. The idea is simple but it's well thought out, looks great and the best thing is you can tailor it to your own garden.
Brilliant app. Thank you.
Absolutely love the app.  Boat is a big ocean going sailboat, in the Bahamas now, incredibly helpful, let me know if you want real life testimonial of how it saved me $1000.
Better than a garden map. This is a fabulous app. As a national collection holder this is a great way to tie it all together without the need of paper and pen. I love it!
Thanks for your prompt response. You are really on top of your product. With support like you are providing, I'll get you in front of other trawler owners.

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