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Caring for an Older Parent
A program that will help you with every aspect of caring for an older parent
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Detailed assessment questionnaires covering all areas of potential concern
Medical records
Medical records
Comprehensive medical records including Prescriptions, Medication register, Medical advice and Medical history
Personal affairs
Personal affairs
Complete records of everything about the cared for including financial and legal matters
Care management
Care management
Daily Care Plans, Key dates and activities,Things to do list, Contact schedule, Conversation record
Meeting dates, agendas, notes of meetings, all shareable with family members
Time recording
Time recording
Comprehensive time recording and analysis including ability to value time
Costs analysis
Costs analysis
Comprehensive cost recording and analysis including records of contributions to costs of care
Full suite of reports to print or share with family members

Caring for an Aging Parent is a program that will help you with every aspect of caring for an aging parent. It is your ‘Go to’ resource. Your guide. Your ready reference point. Your impartial friend. Everything you need to care for your parent all in one place

It is a natural part of aging that people who were once able to look after themselves begin to need support. Occasional calls for help gradually become more frequent. Help will often be needed when you already have a lot on your own plate. Almost imperceptibly, as well as being a daughter or son you may need to take the role of caregiver. It is a transition that can be emotional, challenging and stressful

Caring for an Aging Parent is a program that helps with that transition. It adapts to your and your parent’s needs over time. It is a program that will make you feel comfortable that you have covered all the bases

Caring for an Aging Parent 

  • Helps you deal with difficult issues in a practical way
  • Provides status assessment questionnaires
  • Presents suggestions for actions to take
  • Facilitates obtaining assistance from others
  • Gives you the tools to capture and share the costs of care
  • Supports and guides you as a caregiver 
  • Holds all important information ready to access instantly
  • Helps you and your parent to stay healthy
  • Enables focused discussions with advisors
  • Provides an open means of communication with the family
  • And so much more ...

 A program you customize to your needs

 Every caring circumstance is unique. There is no ‘rulebook’ to follow. That’s why you can customize Caring for an Aging Parent to your needs and those of your parent. It’s your program to use in the way that you want to use it. You may just use it yourself or invite your parent, other members of your family or third party helpers to share some or all of it. The choice is yours

Saving money and keeping independent

Most parents would prefer to stay in ‘their’ home rather than be in ‘a’ home. Not just because the costs of residential care can be prohibitive but because, when change is happening in your parent’s life, staying in an environment that is familiar and full of memories is often more comfortable. Caring for an Aging Parent helps you and your parent to do achieve that outcome

Looking after yourself

It is all too easy to forget about your own health while taking care of a loved one. To help you to do that, Caring for an Aging Parent has a special module for you as caregiver. It includes your own medical section, questionnaires for you to assess your well-being and gives you the ability to track the costs of keeping yourself mentally and physically healthy while giving so much of yourself to another

Share what you want with who you want

Caring for an Aging Parent facilitates the involvement of other members of the family in a participative and transparent way. The program includes features that let you share all or any of the program with family, friends and others involved in the caring process. It can become a shared experience that can be a satisfying and pleasurable experience for everyone involved - and one that can bring the family closer together. For you, your parent and other members of the family, Caring for an Aging Parent is an impartial friend

Never too early to start

The earlier in the aging cycle that you start to use Caring for an Aging Parent, the better the eventual outcomes. It is much easier to have conversations and discussions on important issues whilst your parent is still mentally and physically active. If you make the time to enter the information at your own pace and over a period of time, everything will be there when you need it

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