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Let's Talk Later
Share contact details with the people you meet and be reminded to follow up with them automatically
Apple iOS, Google Android, Modern web browsers
My profile
My profile
Change it on the fly depending on where you are and who you might meet
Quick add
Quick add
Add the name and email address of the person you meet and tap on a follow up period
When you have a spare few minutes, browse the people you met and see who you want to follow up with
Google people straight from the App, send them a Let's Talk Now message, add them to contacts on your device
Contact details
Contact details
Add more details and notes about the people you met and archive the contacts that are no longer current
Search and filter
Search and filter
Search and filter the people you have met by date, name or place - including archived contacts

Life is full of brief encounters. Life is full of opportunities. Business or social, Let’s Talk Later helps you capture those moments and follow them up when it suits you

Let’s Talk Later is super-easy to use: 

  • Create your profile. You choose how much you want to share with the people you meet. You can change this in seconds depending on where you are and who you are likely to meet
  • When you meet someone you want to follow up with later, just enter their name, email and select a follow up period
  • Your new contact immediately gets an email with your profile so they can follow up with you too and is automatically invited to contact you after the period you selected
  • Tap on the ‘Google this person’ button to learn more about the person you just met
  • Time passes… and you get a notification. Remember that person you met? Why not drop them a line? Tap on the ‘Let’s Talk Now’ button to send them an instant invitation to talk

Capture the moment. Make the most of your opportunities. Let’s Talk Later?

Just back from a conference. Used this App to capture over 20 contacts. Forget business cards. This is the future!
Why didn't somebody think of this before? Takes the pain out of following up with business contacts. I really like the way it emails me to remind me that we met as well as emailing them. We both get the choice of whether to takes things further. Good App!
An App that I actually use. Yeah!
The interaction that this App allows for is interesting. It's so non-intrusive. People I meet and want to get back in touch with may or may not want to talk to me again. This App gives them that choice in a nice way. I'm recommending it to all my friends.
I'm using this app for business and for dating. Works well for both!

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