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Everything you want and need to know about your boat - all in one place
Apple iPad (iOS)
Dashboard shows recent activity - as well as your pride and joy!
Everything useful is available at the tap of a finger!
Instant access to essential data on the go
Keep a record of your trips - and share on Facebook straight from the App!
What's aboard
What's aboard
See what you've got and where it is!
Check your Reminders in the App - or see them in Notifications!
Keep a record of - and an eye on - your costs!
Keep a record of your maintenance and who did it

Designed by a team of sailors and powerboaters, ShipShape is a comprehensive boating app for iPad


  • Dashboard - See recent Reminders, Trips, Costs and Checklists and access details straight from your Dashboard
  • My Boat - Essential boat and safety information immediately accessible in one place
  • Trips - When, Where, Who, Weather, What happened. Add photos. Post direct to Facebook™
  • What’s aboard - What you’ve got, where it is, what it looks like. Import entries direct from the “What’s on my Boat” App
  • Costs - Details, types, amounts and totals. Filter by date and type
  • Reminders - Know what needs doing and when. See reminders in Notifications on your iPad
  • Checklists - Choose from presets or create your own
  • Service history - Summary and detail at a glance
  • Reports - Reports for everything to Print, Email, send as PDF
  • Backup/share - Backup, restore, share between devices using Dropbox™
  • Multi-boat - Use it for one boat or many

ShipShape is used by sailboat boat owners, charterers, powerboat owners, cruisers and fisherman all around the world

This is my favorite boating app of all time. Thank you!!!
There is just so much in this app - and I am using it all. Particularly like Trips and adding the photos to them. Great way to relive enjoyable cruising with friends. And they love getting the trip reports in their email the day after an adventure. Keep up the good work.
The checklists feature is great. I haven't used the pre-programmed ones as I enjoy making my own. I've done them for maintenance, trips and provisioning. My children have enjoyed adding their own wants to the checklists!
I like the maintenance record in the App. I finally have somewhere where I can what was done and when and work out what needs doing next. The costs section is really useful too although the summary report reminds me what a costly hobby motorboating actually is :-)
What a helpful app. First one I've actually bought and used regularly. The dashboard and the reminders are super-helpful. For the first time I feel like I am on top of my maintenance.
What a great idea. Easy to customize and enter details of everything aboard. Keeping track of replenishment, renewal and repair, enabling one to be confident and ready for any eventuality.
Really Extraordinarily Helpful Our Island Packet 44 moves between Texas, Florida, and the Exumas. Even today, had a call from the shipyard that an AC pump had gone out, and they were desperately trying to find one to meet our departure schedule of Monday. 3 minutes with "What's on my boat" and I called him back to tell him that the identical back up pump was in the middle compartment under the fore peak berth. Just install that one. Without the app, I would have spent $400 plus on a new pump and been delayed several days. I know, even though I am 2000 miles from the boat, that I have 10 raycor 10 micron fuel filters for the trip, but only 2 oil filters for the main yanmar, and only 1 gallon of oil on board, so I can replenish on line for delivery to the boat prior to departure. It is a great app!

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