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Care, Diet, Health, Photos of your dog(s) all on your iPhone. Share PDF of what you want with who you want
Apple iPhone 6+ 6 5 4S
One dog or many
One dog or many
Enter as many dogs as you like. Each dog has a separate record
Essential information immediately to hand
Life Log
Life Log
Dates, details and notes about all significant events which you can filter by date and type
A complete record of all your dog's care needs
A complete record of your dog's dietary requirements
Support Team
Support Team
Names, numbers, details for all the specialists helping to look after your dog
Shares whatever you wish with people that need to know
Reminders for important events which can be filtered by date and type

AppWoofer is simple to use

  • Everything you need to care for your dog all in one place and ready to hand
  • Share essential information about your dog with a tap of a finger with the dog walker, dog sitter, kennel, vet
  • Always have photos to show to your doggy friends at a moment’s notice!
  • Use it for one dog, use it for many

AppWoofer is the perfect App for

  • dog owners
  • children learning to care for a dog
  • dog sitters
  • dog walkers
  • dog boarders

AppWoofer is for everyone who loves and looks after a dog

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So much in this App that's really useful, My favorite is the photos - not just of Henry but all of his chums as well. No more trying to find the pictures that I want to show to my doggy friends.
The Infoshare feature is brilliant! To think of all the time I spent writing out semi-legible lists to give to the kennels when I boarded my dog. Mercifully a thing of the past for them, me and my dog!
My teenage daughter has enjoyed using AppWoofer. It has taught her how many aspects there are to caring for a dog. Why is it that having an App suddenly makes youngsters interested when I couldn't? Magic!
My dog Harry has had a lot of sickness. I use Life Log in AppWoofer to record all the medical visits and make notes to follow up on which I do while I am at the vet. I like the way that you can set reminders and see them in Notifications on the phone.

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