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PropertyCare for iPad
Know what you have, what it's worth, where it is, keep it maintained and have peace of mind
Apple iPad 2 and later
Everything you need to know about all your possessions inside your house and out
Pre-programmed maintenance actions for hundreds of common items or create your own
Things to do
Things to do
See everything that needs doing and filter by who, when and what
Reports for everything to print or email
Address book
Address book
All your home contacts in one place to assign tasks to and email direct from the App

PropertyCare is the App that helps you look after your home

If you like to be organized, know what you’ve got and keep your home and its contents properly maintained - this is the App for you!

Most of us plan to look after our home. We know that the family’s safety can depend on it. We know that basic maintenance can save us a fortune in repair bills. We know that if disaster strikes we really do need that list and some photos of our possessions to give to the insurance company

Cleaning. Maintenance. Replacement. What to do? When? How often? Who's going to do it?

PropertyCare makes dealing with those questions enjoyable and rewarding

If you are looking for motivation to keep your home safe and up together, if you like to be in control, if you are looking for peace of mind - this is your App!

PropertyCare let's you keep separate records for up to 5 homes

PropertyCare is available for iPad and Mac. It runs independently on either of those devices

There is an optional subscription available as an in-App purchase which provides you with extra features including: Sharing your information between devices, Storing your data in the secure IM Cloud Service and Getting email reminders of your Things to do straight to your inbox. (A copy of PropertyCare needs to be purchased for each different device)     

Key features                                                                                                                                   

  • Contents Full details and photos for each item. View all items by space or category. Create you own spaces and categories. Set reminders for maintenance, replacement and warranty expiry. Record costs and insurance values. Option to back up to the IM Secure Cloud
  • Maintenance Maintenance actions pre-included for over 500 regularly used items. Customize your maintenance actions. Assign maintenance actions to other people. Change frequencies to suit your preferences. Add notes to remind yourself and tell others about special requirements and preferences
  • Things to do Know what needs to be done and when. Filter your list by location, category, time period and type of task. Defer actions to a later date. Assign things to do to others. Print tailored lists to give to people or email to them. Send Things To Do straight to your inbox
  • Conservation Assess your current conservation performance using the questionnaires. Monitor changes in conservation practices. Separate assessments for Water, Energy and Recycling. See individual and overall results
  • Reports A comprehensive suite of reports you can filter for your needs. Print or email at the tap of a finger. Complete record of all your items for insurance claims or estate planning. Special report for the tax authorities for items donated. Full history of all maintenance
  • Address book All your home-related contacts kept in one place. View by Contact and Group. Email, Skype, go to Website straight from the App. Create your own Groups. Assign tasks directly to people in your address book

PropertyCare is the answer to your home management prayers

  • It takes the stress out of home management                                                                                                           
  • It’s intuitive to use                                                                                                 
  • It’s comprehensive in scope                                                                                                      
  • It will save you money                                                                                                      

Download PropertyCare now. Turn your best intentions into reality! 

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I would have bought this App for the address book alone!
I'm using this app for maintaining all our major appliances. The maintenance actions included in the program are really helpful but I like the way I can add my own. I've been using the user manuals that come with appliances like the dishwasher and entering the service schedules into the app. The Things to do list has made doing regular maintenance part of my monthly routine.
My teenagers love filling in the conservation questionnaires. Trouble is they are now full of 'good advice' for Mom on what I should and shouldn't be doing!
I've been enjoying adding things to my To do list in the app. So handy to be able to see what needs doing - and even better to be able to allocate lots of the tasks to the kids. Because those tasks are in 'an App' they somehow suddenly seem to be happy to do them! Brilliant :-)
So useful to have details, values and photos of everything in the house. If ever we have a robbery or a fire, making the insurance claim will be a snap.
This App is manna from heaven for me. We have a holiday home and I can never remember what's there and what's at our main house. Now I know exactly what's in which. My husband likes the maintenance features - again, easy to overlook when you have two homes and the reminders in the App are a real boon.

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