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What's in my Closet
Know what you’ve got. Know where it is. See what it looks like. Search by Location, Category, List
iOS - iPhone 6+, 6, 5, 4S, iPod Touch, iPad compatible
Scroll through everything in your closet to view Items and Locations
Quickly sort by any combination of Category, List and Location
Enter/edit/review details of items; add /view photos; make notes
View full screen
View full screen
See more detail within your photos
Add your own locations. Edit/delete existing locations
Add your own categories. Edit/delete existing categories
Add your own lists. Edit/delete existing lists
Back up your data to Dropbox™ to save, restore and share with other devices

What’s in my Closet puts your closet in your pocket

Know what you’ve got and where it is. See at a glance what you’ve not worn for ages and what you want to replace or need to take to the cleaners. Packing for a country weekend? Business Trip? City break? Just choose a list and make packing a pleasure rather than a chore

 We developed the What’s in my Closet? App specifically to help you

  • Know what you’ve got
  • Know where it is
  • Keep track of essential items
  • Save time when you need to find something
  • Help save money by not buying items you already own
  • Free up valuable space

This is an App that is so intuitive you don’t need to read the instructions. That you can use while you’re on the go. That helps you pack in record time. Want to share photos of your stuff with a friend or check what you’ve got when you’re out shopping? Find out who you lent that dress to? Then this is the App for you

So easy to use

  • Enter an item
  • Then - whenever you want - add a photo; location*; category*; list*; note
  • Browse by any combination of location, category and list
*Use the categories, locations and lists in the App or create your own 

Back up to Dropbox™

You can back up your data to Dropbox™ at the click of a button. Select the Dropbox™ icon on the Info page. If you already have Dropbox™ the App will automatically sync with your account. If not, the App will take you to the Dropbox™ sign-up page where you can open an account. It’s free and it’s easy

What’s in my Closet - it’s useful and it’s fun

I love being able to make my own packing lists. This is going to save me hours! Fashion Maven’s Dream!
Very useful to get your wardrobe super-organized. Ideal for planning ahead, particularly when out and about. Never forget again all those items bought on a whim!
Great new app for the 'woman on the go 'who needs help keeping track of all her things. Really useful between two homes, and making sure you keep lists of valuables for insurance purposes. This latter point will come in handy for me with my new homeowners quote coming up. I love the fact the pictures and listing are easy to input.
Love it! What a great way to keep track of my kids' extensive wardrobe by line, size, etc - and with pictures. Love that I can back up to Dropbox.
Love this App! Makes things a lot easier. I can see exactly what I have in my closet without messing the whole bedroom.
Now I know all the clothes I have. I have had clothes stolen from me and now I can keep track of what's missing. I've also forgotten about clothes I have and this app will help me remember what I've got.
This is a great app for keeping track of stored clothing and is a quick reference when looking for a potential outfits.

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