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What's in my Garden
Know what you’ve got. Know where it is. See what it looks like. Search by Location, Category, List
iOS - iPhone 6+, 6, 5, 4S, iPod Touch, iPad compatible
Scroll through everything in your garden to view Items and Locations
Quickly sort by any combination of Category, List and Location
Enter/edit/review details of items; add /view photos; make notes
View full screen
View full screen
See more detail within your photos
Add your own locations. Edit/delete existing locations
Add your own categories. Edit/delete existing categories
Add your own lists. Edit/delete existing lists
Backup and Share
Backup and Share
Back up your data to Dropbox™ to save, restore and share between devices

What’s in my Garden puts your garden in your pocket

You can record everything you’ve planted, want to plant or have growing in the greenhouse. Know where you planted what, see what it looks like and assign it to a list. See at a glance what needs replacing, repotting or pruning. Organize all those tools and pots and bio-feed and slug pellets that are stored in your shed or garage

What’s in my Garden will help you to

  • Know what you’ve got
  • Know where it is
  • Keep track of essential items
  • Save time when you need to find something
  • Save money by not buying items you already own
  • Free up valuable space

So easy to use 

  • Enter an item
  • Then - whenever you want - add a photo; location*; category*; list*; note
  • Browse by any combination of location, category and list
  • Use the categories, locations and lists in the App or create your own 

Back up to Dropbox™

You can back up your data to Dropbox™ at the click of a button. Select the Dropbox™ icon on the Info page. If you already have Dropbox™ the App will automatically sync with your account. If not, the App will take you to the Dropbox™ sign-up page where you can open an account. It’s free and it’s easy

What’s in my Garden is with you wherever you are. Standing in the garden centre or chatting to a gardening friend? Just take your garden out of your pocket and show what you have or need. Never again will you buy things only to find you’ve already got them! See something in a catalogue that you want to plant? Take a picture with your App and pop it on the list. Simple!

Better than a garden map . Started using immediately! Downloaded and began putting it to use ASAP! User friendly and simple to view. I have been waiting for an app like this for a long time! I can enjoy the memories of my garden all year long - and not worry anymore about lost notes and forgotten plantings. Thank You!
This is a fabulous app. As a national collection holder iris/hosta /hemerocalis I have been looking for a digital library and app to store picture location and comments this is it ! A great way to tie it all together without the need of paper and pen! I love it and could also use it to manage my nursery if only there was a way of exporting it to an excel spreadsheet or a tabular system. May be for the next version?
A great little app that helps you manage everything from a small yard to a mansion garden.
Very nice when u have bizillions of types of succulents or any other plant. My friends don't know the names of many things, but I can always show them a picture. Nice when I go to the nursery for replenishment but my senior brain cannot recall the name!
Really pleased I bought this app, it's excellent. The idea is simple but it's well thought out, looks great and the best thing is you can add your own locations, categories and lists so it can be tailored to your own garden. Ideal for keeping records of every plant you have, where it is, when you planted it, care notes etc and even put your own photo against it. I also had reason to contact support with a question and they replied quickly and were really helpful. I would highly recommend it to any gardener, get organised and throw away all those tatty dirty plant labels!
I own a lot of plants that I label in my garden. Now I can have them in a database well-organized on my iPhone. I have even made a list of plants on order by nursery so I won't duplicate a purchase. This App is very easy to use. Highly recommend.
I created a 'New Garden Candidates' list and I take photos of plants I like when I am out on walks. I used to have plant pictures all mixed up in my camera roll and then not remember to find them when I was at the garden center or working with the gardener. Super-cool and thanks for organizing me and for letting me see the pictures fullscreen. Really helpful.

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