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What's in my Shed
Know what you’ve got. Know where it is. See what it looks like. Search by Location, Category, List
iOS - iPhone 6+, 6, 5, 4S, iPod Touch, iPad compatible
Scroll through everything in your shed to view Items and Locations
Quickly sort by any combination of Category, List and Location
Enter/edit/review details of items; add /view photos; make notes
View full screen
View full screen
See more detail within your photos
Add your own locations. Edit/delete existing locations
Add your own categories. Edit/delete existing categories
Add your own lists. Edit/delete existing lists
Back up your data to Dropbox™ to save, restore and share between devices

What’s in my Shed puts your shed in your pocket

Record everything you’ve stored, boxed or put on the shelves. Know where it is. See what it looks like. See at a glance what needs using up, throwing away or selling on eBay and put them on a list. Organize those tools, spare parts and bits and pieces that you thought might come in handy. Never again will you buy things only to find you’ve already got them!

 What’s in my Shed is with you wherever you are. Want to show the shop assistant that part you need to fix the lawnmower? Just take your shed out of your pocket, select the photo and click on ‘Show full screen’. Get what you want. Simple.

 We developed the What’s in my Shed App specifically to help you

  • Know what you’ve got
  • Know where it is
  • Keep track of essential items
  • Save time when you need to find something
  • Help save money by not buying items you already own
  • Free up valuable space

What better way to spend a quiet day at the weekend than to pop down to the shed and organize all that stuff.  Find what's on the floor, the shelves and in the cupboards - and rediscover those things that you didn’t remember you had!

So easy to use 

  • Enter an item
  • Then - whenever you want - add a photo; location*; category*; list*; note
  • Browse by any combination of location, category and list
  • Use the categories, locations and lists in the App or create your own 

Back up to Dropbox™

You can back up your data to Dropbox™ at the click of a button. Select the Dropbox™ icon on the Info page. If you already have Dropbox™ the App will automatically sync with your account. If not, the App will take you to the Dropbox™ sign-up page where you can open an account. It’s free and it’s easy

Spring cleaning made easy! This app kept me happy in January when I could not be out in the garden. Now I will be able to put my hand on whatever I need in spring. Also prompted me to clean and service my tools. Simple but brilliant in my opinion.
Just wanted to write to say a big 'Thank You' for this app. You cannot believe the time I have spent in the past rooting through drawers and shelves looking for things. Now I know what's in there. I enjoyed going through things and entering them in the App. Using the mike on the keyboard made it quick.Threw a lot of stuff out - which was good. Also found that I had bought the same thing two or three times when I already had it. This App is going to pay for itself in no time!
What a handy App. Saved me going out in the rain to the shed to see if I had something. That was worth the $1.99 alone. Seriously though, this is just a plainly useful app. Thanks.
It's amazing how much there is in my shed. I've been using the categories feature to add my own categories - fasteners, hand tools, sports equipment, etc and adding lots of photos too. The app got me do do something that I had been meaning to do for years -sort out the shed! Well done you.

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