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What's on my Boat
Know what you’ve got. Know where it is. See what it looks like. Search by Location, Category, List
iOS - iPhone 6+, 6, 5, 4S, iPod Touch, iPad compatible
Scroll through everything on your boat to view Items and Locations
Quickly sort by any combination of Category, List and Location
Enter/edit/review details of items; add /view photos; make notes
View full screen
View full screen
See more detail within your photos
Add your own locations. Edit/delete existing locations
Add your own categories. Edit/delete existing categories
Add your own lists. Edit/delete existing lists
Backup & Share
Backup & Share
Back up your data to Dropbox™ to save, restore and share between devices

What's on my Boat puts your boat in your pocket

Looking for something on your boat? At the chandler and can’t remember what it was you wanted? Not sure where you stored the spare oil filter?

With What’s on my Boat you can record everything that’s stowed. Know where it is. See what it looks like. Add it to a list. Never again will you buy that part only to find you already had it!

What’s on my Boat is with you wherever you are. Want to show the shop assistant what the part you need to fix the windlass looks like? Just take your boat out of your pocket. Select the photo and click on ‘Show full screen’. Get what you want. Simple

 We developed What’s on my Boat specifically to help you

  • Know what you’ve got
  • Know where it is
  • Keep track of essential items
  • Save time when you need to find something
  • Help save money by not buying items you already own
  • Free up valuable space

Forget about propping up the saloon cushion with your head while you sort through all the stuff that’s under it. Forget about finding that what you thought was in the lazarette is actually in the forepeak. Check in with What’s on my Boat and go straight to it!   

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Not only do I know where things are now but when I used it the first time it inspired me to go through all the cubbyholes on my boat where I found that I owned all sorts of things that I had forgotten about. Also very useful when standing in front of the shelves at West Marine and looking up the part numbers on my iPhone. Thank you guys!
Had spent perhaps one day going through lockers and identifying what was there in What's on my Boat. Day before boat was to leave Miami for Georgetown, Bahamas, shipyard called me in a full frenzy, telling me that the March pump running seawater to all three A/C units had gone out, and that they were looking all over Miami for one so that the boat could leave on time. That when they found found a pump in Miami, they would send one of their workmen to drive to whoever had it, drive back, and they would stay late to install. Of course, all of this would happen at $100 to $125 an hour, including calling to find the pump, driving in traffic to get it, then a team staying to remove the old one, install the new one, test, etc. I fissured 10 to 15 man hours, plus full retail for the pump plus yard markup on the pump retail cost of 35%. With Whats On My Boat I was able to say, "Hold on," look up the pump on my iPad, and tell him, walk forward on the boat, raise the mattress in the forward stateroom, raise the cover over the middle under berth locker, and you will find a box marked AC Pump. It will have the model number 150-0026-100, use that one and I will bring a new spare with me when I meet you in Georgetown. I saved $1000 to $1500 easy by being able to instantly tell them where the part was, what the model number was, and reorder myself on line at a discount.
What a great idea. Easy to customize and enter details of everything aboard. Keeping track of replenishment, renewal and repair, enabling one to be confident and ready for any eventuality.
A useful tool. I know what I've got on the boat, but some of the seldom used items can never be found just when you need them. This will solve that problem. Also a useful reminder for items needed to be bought and servicing schedules - all in the one place. A great little app!
This is my favorite boat app. It's one of the few apps I have downloaded that I actually use!

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